Death of Tube TVs

A fairly interesting article here about the anticipated death of the conventional tube-based television. Interestingly, the anticipated “future” technology is not plasma, but LCD.

But plasma, which looks best in a showroom, is far from perfect. Like computer displays of old, it suffers from burn-in if a static image or one smaller than the screen is displayed too long. Over time, the picture will lose half its brightness.

Many in the industry see plasma as an interim technology, to be replaced eventually by a pure LCD flat screen.

What's with all the RAID types?

A coworker found this link, which has some well-illustrated pictures of what the different types of RAID are. If you’ve never heard of RAID, then this link probably won’t be very interesting. Essentially they are different methods of using multiple hard drives to gain either performance or reliability (or both).

Fil finally on the verge of being famous

I’ve been waiting for Fil to carry me to fame and fortune for quite some time, and it looks like he’s finally making some progress towards that goal. Apparently he’s the Program Manager for a big chunk of this. Now, I’m not sure how that’s going to translate to me becoming rich and famous, but I’m sure he’s working on it.

How can you not hate the Yankees?

As I was watching Roger Clemens walk off the field early after getting hammered for 4 runs last night, I was looking forward to posting a link to this article so we could all mock it. And it’s true, Clemens was pretty much worthless in what should have been his last major league game.

Well, what an f’n disappointment. After last night, how can you not hate the Yankees?

Yankees fans waved photographs of Babe Ruth aka The Bambino and signs that read ”The curse of the Bambino lives.”

William Arroyo, 31, of Newark, N.J., stood outside Yankee stadium and propped open a casket holding a black-robed skeleton in effigy of Boston Red Sox star pitcher Pedro Martinez, surrounded by skulls and crossbones.

Levitra Commercial

If you watch sports, such as the Red Sox game right now, you must have seen the Levitra commercial. The commercial itself doesn’t tell you what the drug is or does. It just shows a man throwing a football through a tire swing, and the football keeps bouncing off the rim. Then -presumably after he takes the drug- he starts throwing the football right through the tire swing. They show this a few times, sometimes in slow motion. His wife comes out with a big smile on her face, to watch him throw the ball through the tire.

Later on when you realize the drug is for erectile dysfunction, the commercial becomes hilarious.