The Surreal [Disney] World

Picture this: you go to a theme park with about 1500 people for free, and it’s shut down to the rest of the public. That probably sounds cool, but then adjust that vision as follows:
– The people are 85% male, and 90% geeks
– You don’t really know any of them, so you’re pretty much on your own
– It’s nighttime, and therefore totally dark
– It’s raining, and therefore all of the geeks are in aqua blue ponchos
– You’ve just been stuffed with food and alcohol, and therefore you are in no condition to be riding theme park rides

It was a very surreal environment last night. The theme park was pretty fun, but just a hilarious environment. At one point they had a “dance party” inside one of the manufactured theme-clubs. Don’t get me wrong, there were people dancing on the dance floor, but it was also standing-room-only against the wall. I rode on all of the rides that were open (Jurrasic Park was closed) and finished off with the Incredible Hulk which almost made me vomit, but not quite. At least if I had, I would have been protected by my poncho.

In Orlando

I’m in Orlando for the next few days for Sybase TechWave. It’s been pretty good so far. The coolest part was driving by this building and realizing it was my hotel. They basically have a four-acre jungle under glass inside the hotel, with the rooms overlooking it. There is real water, real alligators, and everything. At night they play nighttime sounds (frogs, crickets, etc) over hidden speakers. The place is crazy. You can sort of get the full effect in this picture (during the day). I’m staying in the “Everglades” section which looks like this. The place is unfortunately named the Gaylord Palms Resort.

O&A Are Back!

At long last, it’s been announced that Opie and Anthony are returning to radio. It’s great that they’ll be on satellite and should have far less to fear in terms of FCC regulations. If their show does well, I have little doubt that it will be a springboard for a lot of other great, edgy shows to move to satellite. I’m somewhat bummed that it’s XM and not Sirius for two reasons:

1) I have Sirius
2) XM is party owned by ClearChannel
Oh, and I may as well throw in a 3rd reason:
3) Schulte already has XM, so he’s better than me

When my subscription is up at the end of the year, I guess that’s my time to buy all new equipment and make the switch to XM, because it looks like they will be an XM-only program.