Li'l Jimmy and Me

Me and Li'l Jimmy

Here’s a picture of me and Jim Norton. I look like an ass (as always) and he’s looking at a different camera. But, what the hell. I’m just happy I was able to get a picture with the funniest guy I’ve ever heard. I also picked up a copy of his new album, which he signed for me.

The guy was hilarious. I definitely recommend picking up his new CD if you’re into utterly offensive comedy.

Great e-mail from Audible

I’ve bought a few audio books from over the years. They provide a pretty neat service. I’m still trying to figure out this e-mail they sent me though. The subject line is:

Get 2 Free Audiobooks for $.99

I think $.99 is a little overpriced for free audiobooks, but that’s just me.

Free Flickr Pro Account

A few weeks back it was announced that Yahoo acquired Flickr. Flickr is the site I now host my photos at, and I liked it enought that I purchased a “pro” account. What that means is basically you can upload more photos per month (1GB, now expanded to 2GB) and your photos are available to download at full resolution.

I just got an e-mail saying that, because I paid for membership before the acquisition, they are rewarding me by doubling my pro account time (to 2 years) and giving me 2 additional pro accounts to distribute to friends. So, who wants one? Please only shout if you think you’ll actually use it.

End of London

Most of the rest of my trip was work-related and therefore not interesting to the blog. I put up some extra random pictures though, so feel free to browse them all here.

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London: Day 2

Well, I woke up too late to receive my complementary breakfast, but that was okay. I was able to find Schulte’s e-mail with the list of crap I’m supposed to visit. First stop today was St. Paul’s Cathedral. Unfortunately, they’re not really open for tours on Sundays. You can go in, but most of it is in use by people who are actually there for a service. I walked around and it was pretty neat, but didn’t get to go up top (which I’m told is great). I started to leave and noticed you could go downstairs where there’s a gift shop and a bathroom. I came up with this brilliant idea that they should sell T-shirts right outside the bathroom that said “I dropped a deuce at St. Paul’s Cathedral.” Or, perhaps more tactfully, “A little part of me is still at St. Paul’s Cathedral.”

Big Ben

Anyhow, after that stop I decided to check out the Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms, which Schulte recommended highly. It was excellent. The museum was probably the most technologically advanced museum I’ve ever seen. Touring the actual cabinet war rooms was cool too. Just to get to this museum, I had to get off in the Westminster area, so I saw all the regular London sights (see obligatory Big Ben picture).

I decided I’d try going to the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch but somehow got lost and wound up at Piccadilly Circus. It’s kind of like London’s Times Square. I stumbled upon the area where all the plays are in London. I was told that London has great plays and that I should see one. I then walked by a movie theatre. That struck me as a cheaper and easier idea than a play. So I walked in and saw the movie Melinda and Melinda since it starred Will Ferrell and was directed by Woody Allen. It was expensive (8.50 pounds – like 15-16 bucks) and mediocre. I would have seen Downfall, but it wasn’t showing at a convenient time.
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