Why not radio game shows?

Before television, as I understand it, there were game shows on the radio. My question is, why have they gone away? Apparently people love game shows so much that they can still hit it big on prime time television, and there’s even a whole channel devoted to them.

When you think about it, on a lot of these shows there’s not a lot to see. I think Jeopardy! would be just as much fun on the radio as it is on television. Any sort of quiz show where you could play along would translate pretty well to radio, I think. For people on long drives, especially when multiple people are in the car (ex. a family vacation), I think that would be huge. Someone get on it.

The Rumor Mill says… Google may acquire Opera?

It would be very interesting if Google bought Opera. Opera is a pretty sweet browser which I’ve always liked, and even paid for back before they went free (which, as it turns out, was partly due to Google).

Let the speculation begin on what might happen if they owned a browser. My hunch would be that it’s some kind of pre-emptive defense against IE. If all of the crazy theories are true that Google is setting it’s sights on being your Operating System, but in a browser – as long as 90% of the users out there are using a browser built by a company that has a vested interest in you buying their Operating System and not Google’s, that would be an extremely weak point in their strategy. Microsoft would still control what you can and can’t do.

With Opera you get a cross-platform, fast, mature, secure browser that is closed-source and proprietary (which may be an advantage). You can start building features on it via the same “embrace and extend” philosophy that Microsoft used with IE. It must kill Google to have to say “Google Desktop – requires Windows” or “Picasa – requires Windows and IE”. How much nicer it would be for them to say – here are all of our apps, Google Browser required, underlying OS – meaningless.