Two Americas

Well, I guess John Edwards was right – there really are two Americas. The thing is, they don’t fall along the lines of the “haves” and “have not’s.” In looking at the election map, there’s something incredibly striking about it… namely the overwhelming sea of red across the middle of the country.

I sit in Massachusetts. All I see around me – hearing from friends, talking to coworkers, signs, bumperstickers – is drastically anti-Bush. I’ve overheard (and participated in) a number of political arguments, and there always seems to be a *pervasive* anti-Bush sentiment in them, from at least one participant. (not me… I was happy to see that Badnarik at least got 1% of the vote in MA)

But, looking at the map, this place is clearly out of touch. Just look at the map. There are blue states squished to the sides and top of the country, and then just an army of red states. I hear people say things like “I can’t imagine how someone would vote for Bush” or “No educated person could ever vote for Bush.” Well, look at the map. Is it true that all of those states are full of “uneducated” people?

There must be two Americas, and I honestly have no idea what the other one is like… but it sure seems big.