I love T-shirt irony

A few weeks ago when my mother and brother were visiting, we walked out of my apartment and saw a drunk guy stumbling down the sidewalk. He had sunglasses on, a nappy beard, and was clinging to the wall of my building to stand upright as he slowly made progress down the sidewalk. I believe he was also mumbling incoherently – obviously drunk out of his mind. He was wearing a t-shirt that read “Smooth Operator.”

Today my friend John pointed out this gem. There is a fairly hilarious t-shirt on bustedtees.com which shows a bride and a groom cutting a wedding cake, with the caption “big mistake.” You’d think it would be a big seller with men, theoretically men who are enjoying the freedom of the single life. The availability chart suggests a slightly different demographic:

T-shirt Irony

It’s either fat married men, or fat single men, in either case one would think they’re better off being married than taking their chances on the dating scene.

It got me thinking more about t-shirts that might make for great ironic images. For example, I’d really love to see a guy with a “#1 dad” shirt beating his kid publicly.

Colbert Report vs. Daily Show

I don’t watch either The Colbert Report or The Daily Show religiously, but I catch them from time to time. Last night they both happened to be on while I was in the gym, although I was only half paying attention (I was watching an episode of Lost on the ipod). The bits I did catch confirmed this sneaking feeling I’ve had in what I’d seen of each show recently. I think The Colbert Report is funnier. I did a quick search to see if people are actually comparing these shows head to head, and it looks like others agree with me. At the very least, it seems like it’s become popular to compare the two shows.

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