Hate the internet? You'll love uncov

At any given time, there are generally only one or two websites I look forward to seeing an update from on a regular basis. Back in the day, it was The Onion. These days, it is uncov. It’s pretty much the anti-TechCrunch (although I like TechCrunch as well). They pick startups which they think are bad ideas, and tear them up. They’ve given new meaning to the word “Fail.”

A few of my favorite uncov articles (you’ll see the lead image is often funny on it’s own):

  1. Their June 2007 coverage of Pownce
  2. Their spat with Robert Scoble
  3. The lead image on their Timebridge coverage is inexplicably funny to me (as is the word “failroad”).
  4. A pretty solid (and funny) response to the hype around Zoho Viewer.
  5. Graphing lolcats’ daily reach against Mahalo

I can only aspire to one day have a startup featured on uncov.

In other random news…

You might have thought that the Thunder in Paradise post was random. You’re right, it was one of those things that came out of a random conversation at work. For those of you on the East Coast, here’s another bit of randomness which came out of a work conversation…

Cookie Puss Yes, that’s the Cookie Puss ice cream cake from Carvel. What I didn’t know was that around St. Patricks day they offer the “Cookie O’ Puss” which is just like the Cookie Puss, but with some green accents. Remember that? If not, how about Fudgie the Whale?

Malfunction Junctions

A post in Signal vs Noise today referred to the Wikipedia article on Malfunction Junctions – confusing and dangerous intersections. There are some funny photos here.

The one that immediately came to mind for me is the Route 3/Drum Hill Road rotary in Lowell, MA. The aerial view doesn’t do it full justice, but when you’re in the car exiting the highway and are immediately put into a four-lane roundabout, it feels far more dysfunctional.

The Big Box Project

My friend Nick pointed this out to me. Basically this guy is on his second Xbox 360 which died for the same reason as his first one, and this time when he tried to return it they said he had to provide his own box to mail it and pay for shipping to their facility, and they would mail it back in the box that he provided them because “[they] have no boxes.”

Now he’s raising money to send them his Xbox in a 40 foot solid steel shipping container.