Feature-packed MP3 player

Although I’ve never seen the Neuros, it does seem to have most all of the features I would want in an MP3 player. It has an FM tuner, which is nothing special except surprisingly rare in portable MP3 players. The crazy fun features start here though: MyFi which lets you broadcast your music over FM radio, allows you to easily use this device in your car, or even at home if you want to easily play MP3s over a stereo system. HiSi is even cooler, as it lets you record a snippet off the radio if you like a song but don’t know it’s name, and when you sync with your PC will go online and find out. The 128 MB version can be upgraded to a 20GB version with an optional backpack that fits over the device – very cool, although bulky.

The device still doesn’t seem to match the form factor of the iPod, but does have some very nice features that the iPod doesn’t. Also, a recent Slashdot article indicates that they are going to start supporting the Ogg Vorbis format and the Linux platform. I’m looking forward to seeing one.