New Pictures from the weekend

I recently posted some new pictures on the website from this weekend. Yes, the photo gallery still looks like crap but hopefully I’ll get it looking better in the next few months (if I can find time to work on it).

The weekend started with grandiose plans, but in the end I think we were all just too tired. At our age, you have to build naps into your weekend plans, or everyone wears out quick.

On Friday we all gathered at my place, and went into the city at night for dinner and drinks. It was a good time, although everyone was pretty beat from the travelling and such. Feira had to drive from DC to Jersey to pick up Christy on his way here.

The next day was the big day in Boston. We walked around for a while, saw some of the sights, then headed back to Cindy’s to get ready for the evening. I adjusted our dinner reservation to include Schulte, who was going to meet us there.

We had dinner at the Cantina on Hanover St. Pretty nice place – very good food. As we sit down, I get a call from Schulte saying he’s stuck on 93, and won’t be making it to dinner. He’ll meet us later though. The waiter takes two chairs from the table. At the conclusion of the dinner, I try and pull a prank on Feira similar to the pranks he frequently pulls on me. When the bill comes, I slide it in front of him and publicly thank him for graciously agreeing to pay for us all, and have everyone toast to him and his generosity. He returned that prank with a more original one. He takes his knife and bangs it on the glass in front of me, tells everyone to quiet down because “Tom has an announcement to make.” He gives it a build up about how it’s been 2 long years (insinuating that I’m going to propose marriage to my girlfriend at the dinner table) and then turns it over to me. Needless to say, I have no idea what to say. Nice one, Feira.

After dinner we head to Cindy’s for a pre-party before heading out to the Harp. I get a call from Callahan saying he’ll meet us there. I call Schulte but he doesn’t answer. I just assume he’s given up on Boston and headed home. Hell, it wouldn’t be the first time.

We head out to the Harp where Callahan meets up with us. Neither of us being in the dancing mood, we head upstairs and talk for a while. I then introduce him to a bunch of unattractive women in what looked to be a bachelorette party. He was able to weasel out of that situation though.

Later on I head downstairs and Feira starts in with more of his classic pranks. As people walk by, he introduces me to them. We don’t know these people, they’re just strangers, but that’s the joke. He’ll tap someone on the shoulder and say “hey, have you met Tom” and then have us shake hands and stare awkwardly at one another. Now that’s a funny joke.

The evening ends with little fanfare, although I believe I met at least 10 new people that night.

4 thoughts on “New Pictures from the weekend

  1. For the record, I didn’t give up on Boston, just Tom and his friends. I was across town at the “Our House” bar (over by the White Horse) hanging with the Burgler and some other friends from college.

  2. Yeah, that was pretty hilarious.

    There is actually a rational explanation for everything, but I would rather just leave the story as it is.

    By the way, I set up my Tivo2 yesterday..whooooooo!!!!!

  3. I think you should post something about how Kim only found out about your Tivo via the web log. That whole story is f’n hilarious.

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