Who just paid $39 for a toothbrush?

Oh yeah, that would be me. What can I say, the commercial looked cool.

4 thoughts on “Who just paid $39 for a toothbrush?

  1. A couple things: (1) Is it used? (2) Since when did you start brushing your teeth? (3) I highly recommend deoderant for your next purchase . . .

  2. 1) It is not used (if you read the listing)
    2) bahahaha
    3) you should both learn to spell “deodorant.” See, it has the word “odor” in it, and the prefix “de”, which means it takes away odor. If they ever change the word “odor” so that it’s spelled “oder” then your spellings of the word will likely be correct. Until then, I think we can all feel free to make fun of Callahan, a Harvard Law student, for being unable to spell a grade school vocabulary word.

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