Madonna sucks

Earlier this month Madonna canceled the release of the anti-war imagery-laden “American Life” clip to video outlets. She said in a statement that she did not want to risk offending anyone and did not want the video to be misinterpreted.

This is total bullshit. Madonna? Worried about offending people? Are you kidding me?

This is a woman who made her career by smashing stereotypes and shocking audiences. If it wasn’t for offending people, she wouldn’t be the cultural icon that she is today.

Maybe, just maybe, Madonna is really just concerned about herself. Maybe someone clued her in to the fact that Americans generally support the war. Is it possible that perhaps Madonna isn’t worried about being “misinterpreted” but really she’s worried about being interpreted accurately and being thought of less favorably? If she really has strong feelings – express them! Let them all out! Release that video and take what comes.

Now on the other hand if she really doesn’t have strong anti-war feelings and just created a video so she could appear controversial, or if she had weak anti-war feelings based on a summary of the circumstances rather than a full comprehension of the facts, maybe it’s for the best if she slinks back and puts that video back on her shelf.

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