Linux contains stolen code?

This whole story about SCO lately is fairly frightening if you ask me. They are suing IBM for $1 billion, claiming that the Unix technology that IBM licensed from them was then ripped off and copied into the open-source Linux operating system. It may not be a problem for just IBM however, because they are also hinting at going after users of the Linux OS.

From the Q&A with SCO GM:

What about SuSE and Red Hat customers and other Linux users? Could they face litigation or be affected in any way? Certainly, as the evidence mounts, there could be concerns and issues for end customers. When you’re talking about copyrighted materials or trade secrets being inappropriately obtained and released, even the recipients of that information have to have concerns.

Slashdot has some interesting discussions as well.

4 thoughts on “Linux contains stolen code?

  1. Unfortunately, I caught the comment yesterday (I’m seeing it in about 3 hours). I’ll assume it’s false (I don’t believe Morpheus is gay).

    Thanks Mr. Spoil the movie.

  2. Was it really a joke? I seriously didn’t even read it for fear of catching the ending. I talked to some guys from work, and they pretty much said there wasn’t a twist ending though (since there is still another Matrix after this).

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