More on the Linux/SCO scandal

Related to this post, the plot thickens… Microsoft announces they will license Unix code from SCO (Slashdot discussion). I don’t know much about the legal implications of this (IP in particular) but it would seem to me that such a move could cause Microsoft to then say “we have a financial stake in this, so we will help in the fight against Linux.” SCO is not a particularly threatening company that carries a ton of weight… Microsoft on the other hand, is.

Like I said though, this is all pretty much speculation and I don’t know if there’s even a legal foundation for it.

A related article, definitely worth a read, was released by the Open Source Initiative: Position Paper on the SCO vs. IBM Complaint. It is a fairly comprehensive rebuttle to the suit from SCO although I haven’t finished it yet. Quite good so far. Addresses in very specific detail where statements by SCO are misleading and in some cases outright false.