The Man Ass Continues

This weekend I saw The Hulk, and also re-watched Old School on DVD. What do these movies have in common? Well, the same thing it seems virtually all movies have in common these days: scenes involving a naked man’s ass.

I don’t know or understand if this is a trend in film, but there was a while there where somehow every movie I saw in the theatres had a scene like this. Solaris, 8-Mile, About Schmidt, Narc, even the f’n Matrix Reloaded. I don’t know what audiences these scenes are appealing too, although I do have a few guesses.

4 thoughts on “The Man Ass Continues

  1. How about all the T&A shots in movies like “Charlie’s Angels”? Like the women who are watching those movies want to watch Drew, Cameron, and Lucy prance around in 2 square inches of leather. But I thank you for the list of movies, I’ll be sure to rent them this weekend.

  2. The difference between the T&A shots in Charlie’s Angels and the Man Ass shots in the other movies is twofold:

    1) Women, at least the ones I’ve talked to about this topic, are not turned on by seeing a man’s ass in these movies or contexts. In Charlie’s Angels though, at least men are getting something out of it.

    2) The same reason threesomes more often are 2 girls and a guy than 2 guys and a girl, and why lesbian pornography is less taboo than pornography involving gay men: Women are physically the more attractive sex. I think men and women can agree on that in general. Guys for the most part don’t look good naked. They’re hairy and gross.

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