Jim McMahon DUI

Former Bears QB Jim McMahon was arrested for a DUI this weekend.

One breathalyzer exam put McMahon’s blood-alcohol level at 0.261 percent; another put it at 0.258 percent. The legal limit in Florida is 0.08 percent.

“During a sobriety test, Mr. McMahon looked at the officer and said, ‘I’m too drunk. You got me,’ ” [sheriff’s spokesman Jerry] Henderson said. “He was pretty well wasted”

In related news, the Illinois Liquor Commission let go of Jim McMahon as their spokesman for responsible drinking.

In the poster, McMahon is seen in his trademark sunglasses, holding a football while sitting at a bar. Above McMahon is the line “Don’t Be a Punk and Get Drunk: Our Servers Serve Responsibly.”

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