Schulte's Wishlist

In browsing wishlists for holiday shopping, I checked out Schulte’s just for the hell of it (not that I’m going to buy him anything, because that would be gay).

At first I wanted to make fun of him for having the Shakespeare in Love DVD on there, but then I figured he probably wanted it because of the Gwyneth Paltrow nude scenes and/or the fact that it is actually a very good movie, just with a queer title.

The funniest part of the wishlist is the $4500 Segway Human Transporter. We’ll mail that right out to ya, good buddy.

2 thoughts on “Schulte's Wishlist

  1. T, good call in getting him the Segway. I’m going to pick up the $2,100 Stainless-Steel Summit 650 Natural Gas Grill for him. Do you think they deliver? BLAHAHAHAH.

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