Merry Christmas

I hope everyone (and, of course, that means the 3 of you reading this) had a Merry Christmas. Mine was excellent. Gifts that topped the charts (in random order):

Of course, Christmas is all about the spirit of giving. Or maybe it’s a religious celebration. I have no idea. In any case, one thing’s for sure: presents are awesome.

9 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. This is the first year I didn’t receive a single present (by design), coincidentally it was the first year I didn’t spend christmas with my parents.

    I did, however, buy a 40 GB iPod two days ago.

  2. That’s great. SO, after some ‘extensive’ research, I have gathered the following data:

    Musically, XM and Sirius have roughly the same lineup, with the following exceptions:

    XM offers MTV and VH1, more PopMusic stations, an all Love Song station (wooooooooooooooo!), a station devoted to Frank Sinatra, and an all 40’s station (Sirius only goes back to the 50’s). They also have an interactive Top 20 station (Sirius does a “static” top 40), and my favorite station: Cinemagic (it essentially takes the popular lines from a movie and plays that in between selected songs from the soundtrack. It’s kinda like listening to the Cliff Notes for a movie). They offer some additional crap as well that’s really not worth mentioning (unlike the all Love Song station).

    Sirius offers an International Rap/Spoken Word station, more Dance Music stations, a Swing station, and a Ballroom station. Plus some other crap.

    As far as the Non-Music Stations, XM and Sirius offer a lot of the same stations, such as CNBC,E!, and The Weather Channel.

    XM offers CNN, CNET, Fox Sprots Radio, The Sporting News, NASCAR, Additional Comedy channels, and Audio Book Channel, 4 additional Talk Radio stations (including “The Power” — a No Compromise African American Talk Station), and for an additioanl fee, the Playboy Channel (which blows). Plus, some other crap.

    Sirius offers 2 NPR channels, 3 additonal Weather Channel stations (both XM and Sirius offer the National Weather Channel, but Sirius offers regional stations as well, which is pretty sweet), Sports Byline USA, 4 Sirius Sports Channels, CourtTV, A&E Satellite Radio, and some other crap.

  3. I’m glad you kept busy with all that research at work.

    The biggest thing Sirius brags about (and I think it’s overblown) is that all of their music channels are commercial-free. I guess XM still has some commercials on their music stations (although probably fewer than FM). Since my music taste is not at all diverse (alternative, rock, and a little classic rock) that pretty much means 75% of the music stations are not at all interesting to me. I really like the talk and news though… keeps me from falling asleep in the car.

  4. I’ve only heard commercials on one station, and I think it was MTV. I’m sure there are a few that have ads, but not the ones I listen to. Either way, I agree with you on the lack of musical diversity; XM offers 101 channels and I listen to 3 or 4 (every once in a while I’ll listen to another “entertainment” channel). I still think XM has a much better lineup, I just don’t listen to it. Sirius is cool in the fact that you can get a lifetime plan.

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