No HD-PVR on the Horizon

Although HDTV and PVR technology were featured at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year, there still doesn’t appear to be an HD-PVR out there for people in my shoes. TiVo’s HD-PVR still isn’t going to fly for people who get their HD Signals over cable.

he TiVo HDTV reference design will offer all the same unique recording and viewing features currently available for the TiVo Series2 and will also support all high-definition formats, including 480i, 480p, 720p and 1080i. The source of the HDTV signal may be ATSC terrestrial HD broadcasts or satellite HD broadcast.

Which basically means if I don’t want to buy a satellite dish/subscription, I have to get my HD over the air with a regular antenna, and I’m not even sure if I have that many stations in range. Comcast doesn’t yet support a device like the Motorola DCT6208, so no luck there either. That would effectively be a combined Cable Box, HD Tuner, and PVR in one. And, as far as I know, there are no HDTV-tuner cards (for computers) that support digicipher 2, which is how Comcast sends the HD signal out to their boxes.

So that kind of sucks. I guess there aren’t many people utilizing HD via their cable company or this problem would have been solved by now. Bastards.

9 thoughts on “No HD-PVR on the Horizon

  1. It’s your own fault for using cable. DirecTV is cheaper than cable (at least, it is for me) and offers more channels.

  2. I didn’t understand a single word of your post; it reminded me of my days at Fidelity with all the PRT/FTR LAN talk–I didn’t understand all that fancy talk then (but Fidelity was still nice to pay me for three years), and I don’t understand it now.

  3. That’s because most of your friends suck.

    Coondog, I hear ya. Someday I hope someone will explain to me what all these crazy acronyms stand for. For example, just the other day I got an email from my boss with the letters “FIRED” in it…what the hell does that mean?

  4. I think we should all take a moment and say: May God always bless Fidelity Investments. They say private companies are models of efficiency; I say, We proved that wrong. Where else could you show up to work at 11:30, check e-mails for a half hour, take lunch at Max II’s from 12 until 1:30, come back, check more e-mail, read online news, break for slurpees at 2:30 until 3:00, go to the bathroom until 3:30, then head home at 4:00 while getting paid for an eight hour day? Best days of my life, back then . . . Does anybody know if FTC is hiring interns?

  5. Oh yeah, and T, after this post I sit in amazement at the fact that you have found (multiple) women who will sleep with you . . .

  6. Fidelity’s approach on interns, as it was explained to me when I was an intern there, is that it’s their way of giving back to the local community. It’s really more of a charity / PR move than an actual expectation that they’re getting their money’s worth. So basically you get a good job to slap on your resume, and they get goodwill from the community for when they’re looking to build some new addition or whatever.

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