Gore's Global Warming

Al Gore gave a talk discussing global warming in New York City today. Outside it was single digits with snow flurries.

New York City reached a high of just 14 degrees and got 5 inches of snow before it tapered off to flurries at midmorning.

11 thoughts on “Gore's Global Warming

  1. Yeah, I’ve always wondered about that as well. I mean, if global warming is such a big deal, then why are we still getting temperatures that are ten below?

    I think the problem of global warming is that a difference in temperature of a degree or so, averaged out over the year, can do major harm to the environment. And if we’re only talking about a degree or two over the year, there can still be incredibly cold individual days.

    But it does still seem a little ironic.

  2. You may get temperatures at 10 below, but it’s been upper 40s / lower 50s in Seattle (48 right now).

    Also, I don’t believe this is ironic.

  3. I’m going to take a wild guess that it wasn’t really “Womanofthelaw” who posted that. In trying to analyze the joke I’ve ruled out Schulte, but in trying to decide between F and Coon Dog, I have to guess Coon Dog.

  4. Nope, I wasn’t responsible for that. I don’t know what the “dominant political machine” is. . .

  5. Wasn’t me, I would had no idea the comment was out of character unti you said something.

    The Crichton speeches are good, definitely worth a read.

  6. Actually I really did post that. I’m unsure why you didn’t think it was me. Besides, as much as I butt into the blog bantering, y’all seem to be gentlemen enough to only really fuck with each other by doing these like posting under names like “S.” Somewhere back in high school you seemed to establish that the ladyfriends were exempt from that, which I appreciate and on which I rely.

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