Good home theatre news

Two weeks ago before leaving on vacation, my receiver started humming through the speakers for no apparent reason. I bought it froma small family-owned place called Wurlitzer Stereo. The best thing about them is that they’re an authorized reseller of these sorts of products, which means they can handle the manufacturer’s warranty for you and they don’t try and sell you some additional “protection.” The component had a 5 year warranty, so I just brought it back. They tested it out, heard the humming, and brought it back to the company who makes the receiver (Rotel).

Late last week I got a call saying Rotel couldn’t fix it, but they’d give me a better/newer model. Yesterday the RSX-1055 came in and it seems to work well. It was great thing to have happen, and it left me with an even more favorable impression of the store and the manufacturer.

On my way out, the owner of Wurlitzer says to me something like “lucky for you I’m an honest guy, and didn’t keep that one and give you a 972 that a friend of mine has.” I didn’t really know what to say except “thanks”, but at the same time I couldn’t believe he even brought up the idea with a customer, much less wanted congratulations for being an honest person. Just the same, it all worked out.