Libertarian nominee chosen

Embarassing though it may be, I watched the Libertarian national convention for no less than 3-4 hours on CSPAN, Sunday. There were 3 major contenders – Aaron Russo, Michael Badnarik, and Gary Nolan. (There were a few votes for Drew Carey also, incidentally).

The candidate who’s campaign manager stayed at my apartment a few months ago was Gary Nolan, so I was routing for him for the most part. After the first round of voting, it was extremely close. Russo had 258 delegate votes, Badnarik had 256, and I think Nolan was 10 or so behind Badnarik.

That’s the part where I left and went to Microcenter for an hour, and then missed the events that transpired before the second round of voting: Nolan conceeded the race, and encouraged his supporters to vote for Badnarik. When I returned, I saw Badnarik end up winning the race. Apparently he did very well in the debate the day before.

So, for those of you even moderately interested in the Libertarian party, a good way to help out would be to donate a few bucks to Badnarik. He must be a good guy – he’s a computer programmer after all.