Jim Norton on Last Comic Standing

Coon Dog alerted me to the fact that Jim Norton is on Last Comic Standing. I read Norton’s blog and he doesn’t explicitly mention it, but some of the comments are interesting.

One of them points to this article which basically reveals (and NBC admits to) the fact that the celebrity/comedian judges don’t actually decide who gets on to the show. The judges just make their comments, and ultimately the contestants are picked by producers/management – not necessarily based on comedic talent, but in good part based on a mix of personalities who would be interesting to live in a house together.

Another post reveals some supposedly “inside news” that Norton doesn’t get into the house because he has a contract with MTV, and some gay guy named Ant gets into the house even though he bombed and the judges walk out in protest or something.

I missed the first two shows (I’m downloading them now from suprnova.org), but assuming there are at least some funny comics chosen I’ll probably watch the whole season. It sure would be great if Norton made it though….

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