Good News/Bad News

Yesterday I was, as usual, listening to kexp at work. They’re a Seattle station but broadcast over the internet as well. Because they’ve become so popular outside their region, they’ve started having events in other places. So, as I’m getting ready to go to lunch I hear the morning guy (12 PM EST is 9 AM their time) say they’re having a concert on Boston tomorrow and the first 5 people to e-mail them would get on the guest list. So, I did, and I won. Pretty sweet… I will be seeing The Ponys live at Great Scott in Allston tonight.

The unrelated but bad part is that on Tuesday I jammed my pinky finger playing basketball. As I went down to lunch yesterday, a friend of mine who broke his pinky a while back took one look and said “it’s definitely broken.” So I went to the hospital and it turns out he was right. Now I have this stupid brace on, and it’s taken me way to long to type this post because my ring finger has to type the “a” and “q” keys in addition to it’s normal responsibilities of “s” and “w”. (I don’t count “z” or “x” keys because they’re more seldomly used). So, I’ll be the one in Allston tonight with the stupid brace on his worthless pinky finger.

7 thoughts on “Good News/Bad News

  1. I think my toe has been broken for three weeks now but I didn’t stop running on it every day. Three weeks later, it hurts like a mofo and I still can’t quite bend it – luckily, university health services was wonderfully conclusive by telling me yesterday over the phone, “Well, maybe you should get that checked out, they might x-ray it, but there’s nothing you can do about it anyway so maybe you shouldn’t bother. But you could if you wanted to.”

    Maybe I’ll rig up my own brace.

  2. KEXP does rule indeed. The concert was pretty good except it turns out there were 3 bands, and the first one didn’t start until after 10pm. After the second band finished (@midnight), Jon and I went for a walk and stopped in the Sunset Grille for a beer. When we came back, we heard the better part of one Ponys song and then they said “Thank you and goodnight.”

    My basketball skills are mediocre, but luckily I’m a little bit tall and somewhat strong so I’m not totally useless.

    WOTL – hilarious commentary by the university health services. My advice based on 15 minutes talking to an actual doctor is that bending it is probably not something you want to do if it’s broken. Best thing is to keep it in place so the bone can heal. 3 weeks is a pretty long time…

  3. hahaha…yeah, from the very limited contact I had with him (via email) he seemed like a tool.

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