As Seen on TV

Well, I’ve signed enough autographs for one day. This past Friday (or, technically Saturday) at 1:30 AM I had my television debut. I appeared on Ruckus Sound and Style on the WB. What show is that you might ask? How big a part did I play? I can answer both of those questions.

First, the show is put on by some friends of my friend Jon, so they scored us some free tickets on a Boston Harbor cruise a few weeks ago which was pretty sweet. The show is basically about local rock and metal bands… sometimes they interview nationwide bands. It airs every Friday night at 1:30AM.

As for my role, well I think the screen capture speaks for itself. In case it doesn’t speak for itself, I’m the guy in the background to the left of the show’s host. Sure, I didn’t have a “speaking part” but this is just my first role, after all.

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