The Surreal [Disney] World

Picture this: you go to a theme park with about 1500 people for free, and it’s shut down to the rest of the public. That probably sounds cool, but then adjust that vision as follows:
– The people are 85% male, and 90% geeks
– You don’t really know any of them, so you’re pretty much on your own
– It’s nighttime, and therefore totally dark
– It’s raining, and therefore all of the geeks are in aqua blue ponchos
– You’ve just been stuffed with food and alcohol, and therefore you are in no condition to be riding theme park rides

It was a very surreal environment last night. The theme park was pretty fun, but just a hilarious environment. At one point they had a “dance party” inside one of the manufactured theme-clubs. Don’t get me wrong, there were people dancing on the dance floor, but it was also standing-room-only against the wall. I rode on all of the rides that were open (Jurrasic Park was closed) and finished off with the Incredible Hulk which almost made me vomit, but not quite. At least if I had, I would have been protected by my poncho.

4 thoughts on “The Surreal [Disney] World

  1. That place is pretty awesome. I went there a few years ago with my girlfriend at the time (my younger sister). I thought the Hulk ride was the best roller coaster ever, and the Dueling Dragons was pretty sweet too. Of course, the 3-D Spiderman “ride” was the highlight of the trip (I even got my picture taken with him, boo-yeah). You didn’t miss out too much on the Jurassic Park ride, I thought it was kinda lame. Seuss Landing was for homosexuals, so I assume you got a handy or something there…I know I did.

  2. The more I think about it, there must have been less than 1500 people. With that many people, I’d think there would be lines, but I didn’t wait in any lines. I think there were that many people at the conference, but not all of them went to Universal, and of those who went not all of them rode the rides. It would have been awesome if it wasn’t raining, and there were different people there. You could have ridden the Hulk ride as many times as you wanted (I was all set with the one). I also had to briefly take off the 3-D glasses during the spiderman ride. My stomach was in no shape for that. I blow.

  3. I had a similar experience at Universal Studios for the PDC … luckily, I went out afterward, got wrecked, and hit on models (who were in town for fashion week).

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