John Kerry is Borderline Retarded

I must admit that when choosing between watching the Red Sox game and the debate, I’ve chosen the Red Sox game. I don’t regret it either. At least with the game I’m watching people who are actually the best in the country at their particular profession compete against one another.

During commercials, I’ve flipped to the debate just to get a feel of what’s going on. Maybe it’s just my timing, but Ive heard a few social issues talked about – like gay marriage and abortion – and neither candidate really took a stand to differentiate themselves from the other. A few times now I’ve caught them talking about economics, where Kerry has without a doubt proven that he would do nothing but further the damage to this country’s economy.

Raise the minimum wage? Hey great idea. Sure, you just force companies to pay people more, they pull that magical money out of the air, and voila people making minimum wage earn more money. I didn’t hear anyone (including Bush, who probably doesn’t know any better) bring up how many jobs are lost when the minimum wage gets raised. No mention either of how, if a company can’t cut jobs, a raise in minimum wage simply results in increased prices on goods and services. So, the struggling single parent is working at a fast food joint. The minimum wage gets raised and one of two things happen: 1) The restaurant has to clamp down on hiring, since every employee must be paid that much more money (ie. fewer jobs), or 2) The restaurant simply raises the cost of the food it sells. The landlord of that single parent now has to pay more for his/her hamburger. Stuff costs more. Time to raise the rent!

Then I went on to hear Kerry’s equally simplistic solutions for health care costs and social security. Honestly, these are the two best candidates America has to offer?

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  1. Blogs are fun.

    Ok, so raising the minimum wage may in fact cost some people their jobs. But there are a few things you are not considering. First, we are only talking about the jobs that pay people minimum wage. Yes, the shitty jobs that we haven’t thought about since we were in high school, and that we never really want to do again. These jobs are not fun, but they are also hard to eliminate completely because they are usually the lowest level jobs that are necessary for a business to be run (like a cleaning lady, or the fry guy). These jobs a very small percentage of the total salaries for the company, and most companies that do not rely totally on these (I am started to feel bad calling them this) shitty jobs will not be greatly affected. What it does do is make the people living off of these (I am a bad person now) shitty jobs have a more livable situation, and would also encourage people to look for work since there would be more of a difference between working (at a shitty job) and living off of welfare (which is a huge problem in the country because some people don’t have the motivation to get a job when they can make almost as much sitting on their ass).

    I think I like this blog thing.

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