O&A – the battle begins

I’ve made the switch to XM, and it’s great to have Opie and Anthony back. Their material is so far beyond what Stern is doing that I harbor some doubts that I’ll ever listen to him again. Now that O&A no longer work for Stern’s company, they can actually talk about him (Stern had requested a gag order so they couldn’t mention his name back when they both worked for the same parent company).

O&A were talking about this, and how there may be more to come. That would be great.

2 thoughts on “O&A – the battle begins

  1. Which radio did you get? Did you get one that you can use in both the car and the house (or in your case, your empty, lonely apartment)?

  2. The Roady 2 (same one as Callahan). Yes, it can move from car to house. I found that I rarely used the Sirius radio in my apartment though, so I’m not planning on getting a home kit for this one in the near future.

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