Landmark Day

Yesterday, January 19th, was the first day of the winter season that I had to turn my heat on. I has dropped below zero several times this season so far, but I guess the recent culmination of consecutive cold days pushed my apartment’s temperature down so low I actually had to turn on the heat.

This year, with the addition of a new computer (for a total of 5 running full time), I thought I could finally heat my one bedroom through the winter on the power of consumer electronics alone. Between that and the fact that I live on the top floor, and thereby get heat leaking in from the people below me, the unit generally keeps itself warm.

There’s really no reason for me to want to make it through the winter without turning on the heat – heat’s included in the lease. It’s more of a nerdy challenge to myself. Well, we’ll see how it goes next year. Making it 2/3 of the way through January in Massachusetts wasn’t too shabby.

3 thoughts on “Landmark Day

  1. That’s exactly what Feira and I used to do at our old place. We’d come home from work and it would be around 60 degrees, but between our body heat (oooh, that sounds suggestive) and the George Foreman grill it would quickly rise to a comfy 66 or so.

  2. You truly buck the tragedy of the common phenomena. S used to leave hot water running for hours at college for no other reason than it was free.

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