Jim Norton coming to Boston

Although tickets aren’t on sale yet, Jim Norton is coming to Boston to do the Comedy Connection on April 8th and 9th. As soon as they go on sale, I’m picking up tickets for the 9th. Who else is in? The Comedy Connection is in Faneuil Hall.

7 thoughts on “Jim Norton coming to Boston

  1. I meant to send you an email about that..guess I don’t have to. Gaffigan is also coming there, and the guy that does Insomniac on Comedy Central as well.

  2. I know Attell is in town on April 1st but I can’t go that weekend because I already have concert tickets (Ray Lamontagne).

    Today I picked up tickets for the Norton show on Saturday at 8pm. Be there or be square.

  3. I got 4 tickets. One for me, one for a guy from work, and then 2 spares. I think the guy from work has a friend who will take the 3rd, so that means I have one left over. So, Coon if you want it then it’s yours. If anyone else wants to go (Schulte?) tickets are for sale here: http://www.symfonee.com/comedyconnection/boston/attractions/Calendar.aspx?month=4&year=2005

    They say the earlier you buy, the better seats you’ll get. If you pick up tickets soon I think there’s a decent chance we can all sit together. It’s an 8pm show so there’s plenty of time to go out afterwards too.

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