Opie and Anthony no longer Premium

Amid the stories yesterday of XM raising rates to $12.95/month, one of the facts that seems to get buried in the Sirius vs. XM comparison is that Opie and Anthony’s channel will cease to become a paid extra. It will now be included in basic XM service. The expectation of the boys, of course, is that this will open them up to a lot more new listeners.

Also with the new pricing, online access to XM becomes part of the standard plan rather than a paid extra. So, for people who used to pay for both online access and O&A, the new pricing will actually be cheaper.

4 thoughts on “Opie and Anthony no longer Premium

  1. I had to check your web log to make sure you were alive. Based upon the date you seem to be up and about, now try emailing or calling your father….!

  2. Yeah T, you never call me any more either…it’s the new guy you’re seeing, he takes all you time.

  3. Ha… truth of the matter is that when I was in Vermont last week, I lost my cell phone. I am currently in the process of getting a new one. Since Cingular bought out AT&T Wireless, now I’m going through a bunch of nonsense with the transfer, but it should be all done soon and I’ll have the same number again.

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