A cause potentially worth supporting

The Immodest Proposal was pretty popular in the blogs this week. The author went on to start up the American Liberty League which appears to be worth supporting. The basic gist of this orginization seems to be to steer the Republican Party more towards Libertarian ideals – strong civil liberties, conservative fiscal policy, and strong national defense.

3 thoughts on “A cause potentially worth supporting

  1. I read through some of the comments yesterday, and hopefully this will take off a bit. They need some good money backing it.

  2. I agree. Although, moveon.org was mentioned quite a bit in that post. I know they did some questionable things, ran some ads, had some concerts, and had a lot of Soros money. But, did they attract a lot of independents? That’s the key thing, I think. It’s easy to sign people up if they were already going to vote your way. The question is, how do you appeal to the political center, and the people who really don’t follow politics that much?

    In the end, moveon.org spent a lot of money and their candidate lost the election.

  3. As the post mentions, moveon had a lot of influence upon the dems’ agenda. Having a large, visible, funded group of libertarian-light voters (something I would consider joining for their fiscal and civil liberties stances) would be extremely powerful.

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