8 thoughts on “Mitch Hedberg Dies

  1. I hadn’t heard of him until today, but he had a 30 min special on Comedy Central tonight and I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard. I was crying. Too bad I only discovered him now that’s he’s deceased.

  2. Norton had to reschedule so the tickets are now for April 30th at 7:30. Since you replied first, the ticket is still yours. But, if you can’t make it just say the word because Schulte might be interested.

    P.S. That blog is f’n hilarious.

  3. That blog is sending someone straight to hell. T, would it be possible for you to burn that/those CD(s) for me?

  4. Well, I DO have obnoxious, idiotic friends, and I AM missing out to go to a show I’ve already seen with one of Tom’s “cool” work friends. I guess it does suck to be me. On the plus side, I’m not being forced to move to Texas.

  5. Coon – are you moving to Texas? Are you assuming the title of the most whipped Goodfella in history? Even more whipped than such legendary wusses as Sarge/McCraken, Lianza/McKeon, and Schulte/Schulte? (That second Schulte is, of course, Sarah)

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