Great e-mail from Audible

I’ve bought a few audio books from over the years. They provide a pretty neat service. I’m still trying to figure out this e-mail they sent me though. The subject line is:

Get 2 Free Audiobooks for $.99

I think $.99 is a little overpriced for free audiobooks, but that’s just me.

3 thoughts on “Great e-mail from Audible

  1. That’s funny. I’ve also used audible….goodstuff (you should post what you have. That or put it up on Waste).

  2. Good idea – I’ll do that. I think I have “A Short History of Nearly Everything” by Bill Bryson and The DaVinci code.

    Incidentally, if they would have offered me 3 free audiobooks for $.99, that would have been a GREAT deal.

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