Before and After

With Callahan moving to Dallas and me moving to Seattle, we decided to have “The Goodfellas” get back together again for one last night. Since we spent most of high school together (with no girls to be found) it was only appropriate that the reunion was similar – although Allison was there as our official picture taker. She took this picture back when we graduated in 1997:
Goodfella Graduation
At that time, from left to right: Sarge was planning on going to UNH, after having gotten in to Holy Cross but screwed up the paperwork for financial aid. Deion was getting ready to go to Northeastern where hopefully he would meet his first girlfriend. Tom was going to Carnegie Mellon and I think was in the middle of a girlfriend breakup at this time. Callahan was going to UNH where he would live with Sarge because they’re BFF. Schulte was going to BC, and I’m sure didn’t believe he had any chance of meeting a woman. Ever.

Now in 2005:
The Boys
We lined up in the same order because we’re complete tools, and Allison was once again the photographer. Sarge graduated from UNH, then went to BU for law school. He’s now a lawyer in Massachusetts, he went gay, and lives with his boyfriend in Lowell (where the picture was taken). Deion spent a trimester or two at Northeastern before dropping out and working a string of wildly successfull retail sales jobs. He now works at Best Buy in Concord and seems to have a good stream of electronic toys which we can only assume were purchased legally. He finally has a girlfriend. Tom got a Master’s degree from Carnegie Mellon, and after being a total nerd on the East Coast is reloating to the West Coast to continue being a nerd, but hopefully to a lesser extent. He’s dating a girl who works at Microsoft, which isn’t a good sign. Callahan graduated from UNH then went to Harvard (after a brief bit at Stanford) to get his law degree. He is making stupid money, he’s engaged [to a woman], and is moving to Dallas. Schulte finished up at BC, better late than never, and unexpectedly was the first person of our group to get married. He lives in a house in NH, participates in a bowling league, and for all intents and purposes his life is over.

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  1. We’re still trying to figure that out. I just put a hold on a one-person loft in downtown Seattle (which I’d live alone in) but if Fil and I find someplace nice really soon, then I’d back out and we’d become roommates.

  2. Hmmm… “f” from the same IP address as “b”… I give up. All I know is you’re on RoadRunner, which is most likely Time Warner cable. Are you my new Internet stalker? If so – awesome!

  3. Whoa now…I do NOT participate in a bowling league, and did NOT graduate late. I also find it hilarious that with the exception of Sarge, I go out the most by far (I’m not sure about Deion, but if he does go out, it’s probably with a bunch of 16 year old co-workers from Best Buy). Also, I’m somehow still employed at one of the largest companies in the world, although I expect that to end any day now. Wooooooooooooo!!!!

  4. I swear you told me you were in a bowling league. No? And wasn’t it an ongoing joke about how you had your diploma frame ready for B.C. but it was empty?

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