In Seattle

Loft - Fountain CourtI’m in my new home, albeit a very empty one until the movers come. I’ll take pictures once I have all of my stuff moved in.

Speaking of movers, apparently I’d underestimated the weight of my stuff by about 2,000 pounds (estimated 2500 pounds, ended up being over 4000) and therefore it will cost me about $1200 more than expected to move. Awesome! The movers will come sometime next week at which point I’ll be able to unpack and feel like I really live there… although Comcast won’t come until next weekend so I still won’t have cable/internet access until then. Thank god for Seattle’s wealth of coffee shops with free internet access.

2 thoughts on “In Seattle

  1. I went through a broker called “Union Moving” who subcontracted a company called “Magic Moving”. I figured it would take a while too, but a lady called me this past week and said it would arrive this coming week, and that they’d give me 24 hours notice. No matter what happens, I’ll be sure to blog it. I’m sure something (else) will go wrong.

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