Free Gumballs

Digg posted a link about how you can score free gumballs out of a gumball machine… a lot of the sites were taken down but I found this one still up.

“First step… locate a machine where you put the coin the slot above the handle turn and drop the coin….Once you have found your victim buy one piece of gum chew it

Once the gum has gotten soft…. tear off a small bit and stick it to the quarter… then take the quarter and smash the gum in the slot and turn the handle…

If done right once all the way around your quarter will still be in the machine ready for round two… Now keep turning till you get your fill of gumballs… ”

Basically you buy one gumball, use a piece of chewed gum to stick your next quarter to the machine in the coin slot, and supposedly you’ll be able to turn the handle repeatedly and score gum, because the quarter will never drop into the machine.

3 thoughts on “Free Gumballs

  1. If I had a brother in fifth grade, this post might interest him. But for someone like yourself who pulls down the dollars, you’d think saving a f’ing quarter wouldn’t be blogworthy.

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