5 thoughts on “Domain Name A Day

  1. Why don’t you buy two every other day? Don’t you get any sort of discount if you purchase more than one at once?

  2. Also, at at 9 bucks a pop, it’ll be $3,285 for the first 365 names. After three years of this, you’ll be paying close to 10,000 per year to keep your domains; better hope that money comes rolling in. Anyway, buy me some domain names will you; when I get famous, I’ll pay you back, just like for the ice . . .

  3. Also, I think you should start buying domains of common last names (or at least of last names you think there’ll be a market for). I wish I could’ve snagged mine.

  4. GoDaddy has some coupons good for 10% off any order, so the savings are identical no matter how many I buy at once. Based on what I’ve seen so far, it should be trivial to have a domain pay for itself (ie. earn $9 a year). If a domain can’t earn that, it’s probably not worth renewing unless I have some longer-term plans for it and/or it falls under the category of speculative.

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