Interesting article about taxes

I have no idea who this guy is, for all I know he’s a crackpot, but the article itself is interesting. It was mentioned on digg and is called “The Coming Collapse of Income Tax“.

The first chart on the page made me skeptical, because it’s dumb and unnecessary. However I saw this “possible trigger” and it hit home because it’s something I’ve felt for years:

A wealthy individual files a well-publicized lawsuit against the IRS citing that the individual, who is far above average intelligence with above average resources at their disposal, is simply unable to comply with the tax code. The lawsuit places the IRS and politicians overseeing the system in the untenable position of having to explain to the country how easy it is for people to comply with the tax code. Wide spread political embarrassment forces change to begin.

His second and fifth points about the dealings of non-traditional/ virtual currency is also interesting and have raised some questions recently.

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