Marysharon being more of a celebrity

Rumor has it there’s a picture of Marysharon in the current issue of Fortune magazine. It’s the issue that talks about the best companies to work for, and she’s pictured under Microsoft. I haven’t seen the issue yet, but if you have let me know.

7 thoughts on “Marysharon being more of a celebrity

  1. My understanding is they sent e-mails to a bunch of people at MS they had pictures of, and whoever replied and said they could use the picture had their pictures sent off to Fortune. In the end, Fortune picked amongst the options that were sent to them.

    That’s not to say that all of the options that were sent to them weren’t underrepresented minorities, only that MS sent more than one person’s picture.

    There are a lot of great “diverse” headshots though. I think my favorite is the representative for Men’s Warehouse (92), who is female.

  2. I find it amusing because the article is about showing photos of the “typical” worker at each of these companies (“What does a best company look like?”). Based on this cross-section it seems like white males are around 20% of the workforce at these companies. I guess pretending diversity exists is a lot easier …

  3. It’s definitely a funny picture. But seriously, if they put a bunch of pictures of white men up there, America’s liberals/PC police would be outraged. Put up a bunch of diversity and they get made fun of. Neither option seems great, but I guess they chose the better one.

    The Whole Foods Market guy is also classic.

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