Weekend in North Carolina

I posted some pictures of my weekend in North Carolina. As usual, you have to be marked as a friend in Flickr to see them all.

The weekend was pretty hilarious all around. I got off the plane on Saturday morning, we picked up P, and headed straight to IHOP for all-you-can-eat pancakes. Much like last year when we went out and won a T-shirt for eating a burrito, we were up for another eating contest. Y was heavily favored t win, and I was expected to come in second. The rules were we had to eat the breakfast (2 eggs, hash browns, and side of meat) and then eat as many pancakes as we could after that. The pancakes came out 2 at a time, sometimes 3. The winner in the end was F with 24 pancakes. The receipt is here. You’ll see our table ordered 37 pancake refills, which amounted to roughly 90 pancakes.

We went back to relax a bit. Y was hurting the most after having eaten 23 pancakes. We played some video games then went over to F’s to get ready to go out for the night. We went to a Duke basketball game and had some awesome seats. Duke won by about 20 points. After that we decided to catch some dinner because most of us were finally hungry after the morning’s gluttony. We went to an Italian restaurant, and then decided to hit the bars in Chapel Hill.

We didn’t end up getting out until around midnight. It was a pretty good time. Y danced with some girls and F was his usual self. He walked up to a group of girls and said “This is my friend Tom. We’re out celebrating his birthday today.” [drunk girls yelling happy birthday]. Then he points to my watch and tells them they all pitched in and bought it for me, I’m in town from Seattle, etc. All in all, putting me in an awkward position by introducing me to a bunch of people I had no interest in talking to. That’s just part of his charm.

Anyhow, he ended up befriending these girls and offered to drive them back to their car. He didn’t mention he drove a Lexus sedan that uncomfortably fit 5, and adding these 3 girls made us a total of 8. It was a tight squeeze. We drove approximately 1/2 mile to their car, and they asked us to follow them to their place. We decided to follow on the hopes of hooking Y up with one of them, and if not that, at least some funny stories.

We walked in and I immediately noticed this picture and asked if the girl was related to Genesis. None of the women seemed to find that funny, but P and I did. We spent a good amount of time on seperate couches. At one point, F decides we should leave Y and his girl alone, so we all start filtering out into the Kitchen, where one of the girls tells us that it’s “not going to happen” because Y’s girl has a boyfriend. I challenge her and say it could still happen, and in fact I’m sure it happens all the time, which seemed to anger her. It was also around this time that S introduced us to the concept of a “Wobbly H“, which we all found hysterical and had never heard of.

Not long after that, the party started to peter out. This is when S came up with the most genius idea I’d ever heard. With F on lookout, he removed each of their oven knobs from the oven, dropped them in a glass of coke, and put it in the freezer. This is hilarious for a number of reasons:

  1. At some point in the next day or two, someone is going to realize that the oven knobs are missing. They’ll probably assume they’ve been stolen.
  2. There is almost no chance that they’d check the freezer for the oven knobs, so they’ll probably assume they’ve been pranked and buy new oven knobs, temporarily using pliers or vice grips to operate the oven.
  3. Eventually they’ll find a frozen glass of something in the freezer, which will hopefully be clear enough that they can recognize that it’s their oven knobs that have been frozen and were there the whole time
  4. The funniest part is that, even upon realizing this, they won’t immediately be able to put the oven knobs back on, because they’re frozen in a block of ice. They’ll have to wait a few hours, or perhaps put them in the microwave (which would probably be a bad idea, if the knobs have metal on them)

As if that wasn’t funny enough, F set each of the kitchen timers (microwave, buzzer, etc) to go off at different times, roughly an hour after we left. That prank is self-explanatory, and also hilarious.

As we got close to home, S realized he’d left his jacket at the girl’s house. There was no use going back for it at that point. If we were to go back, no doubt they’d already be pissed about the buzzers going off. We considered that jacket a casualty of war and left it behind.

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  1. another good thing to do is to set all the clocks an hour ahead (or an hour behind). that, and change their address at the post office

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