Articles like this make me ill

Verizon Executive Calls for End to Google’s ‘Free Lunch’. There is so much wrong with this argument that taking about it makes me want to hit someone. A few bullet points instead:

  • Hearing a corporation begrudge another for earning money is so hypocritical and anti-capitalist that it makes me ill
  • There’s nothing “free” about the infrastructure. Google pays some backbone for connectivity to the Internet. Verizon’s customers pay Verizon for connectivity from their homes to that backbone.
  • Verizon and Google, near as I can tell, have no legal relationship, no contract, and even from a strictly technical perspective are hardly related.
  • Google is just one website. When is Verizon going to send a bill to (insert sarcastic remark here)
  • If Verizon built a billion dollar infrastructure with no plans on how to profit from it, aside from crying to congress, then they’re idiots.
  • It’s nonsense like this that’s probably causing Google to look into, effectively building their own internet. In general, I hate when companies go to congress. It usually means something bad. In this case, I hope it’s the first step in Verizon’s road to irrelevancy.

2 thoughts on “Articles like this make me ill

  1. Perhaps toll roads should take a cut of FedEx’s shipping business? Or maybe even Amazon’s?

    Also: Doesn’t Verizon owe some money to the creators of TCP/IP?

  2. Teachers should send a bill to Barnes and Noble, because if they didn’t teach us all to read, Barnes and Noble wouldn’t be making all this profit. They’ve just got a nice, free ride.

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