Times Square here I come

This Friday, the CEO of F5 Networks, John McAdam will be ringing Nasdaq’s opening bell. 3 Times an hour, they will be playing a 30 second video spot about F5 on the big board on times square. It opens with a 5 second scene of me walking through the lab and fiddling with some equipment. It may not be a picture in Fortune magazine, but it’s something. If you’re in the New York area, check it out. I’ll be available for autographs anytime.

3 thoughts on “Times Square here I come

  1. I should have said “I’ll be available for autographs anytime, in Seattle” because I won’t physically be in New York.

  2. Classic. You take your role quite seriously. It reminds me of the PTRs and FTRs at Fidelity.

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