Jim Norton's DVD reviews on Amazon

One Night Stand: Jim NortonJim Norton (my buddy) put out a DVD that’s getting some very funny reviews on Amazon… full of inside jokes if you’re an O&A fan.

Among my favorites:
This review from “Rusty Yates“:

Me and my wife Andrea got an advance copy of this awhile back and boy did we have a chuckle. […] if she weren’t currently bathing our five children she’d say hi. I even hear my youngest, Paul screaming something from the bathroom so Mommy must be sending her best.

This incoherent, babbling review from “DLR” (David Lee Roth):

When the goat comes down to the road, you gotta go to the mountain…this DVD is bozy, bozy, bop, zitty bop good

And, of course:

If you liked him in American History X, you’ll love Ed Norton in this.