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One of the reasons I’ve stuck with the Google Reader over Bloglines is the ability to star and share articles. As Fil pointed out, someone should eventually write something that will integrate this sharing feature with In the meantime, the articles that I’ve shared are here.

The starring feature is kind of cool because sites like craigslist let you bookmark searches as RSS feeds. For example, I used an RSS feed from craigslist to keep an eye on apartments for rent in Seattle. I then used the star feature of Google Reader to remember which ones I wanted to go back and look at. It worked quite well (aside from the fact that I didn’t switch apartments). It’s also a prototypical experience of the new web. Craigslist may not need to build a starring feature, or a sharing feature – they just need to expose their content in RSS, and let other applications layer on additional capabilities.

3 thoughts on “Google Reader – Sharing Articles

  1. I am a huge fan of Bloglines. I figured they must have thought of those scenarios, so I checked it out. You can save “clippings” on Bloglines which is just like starring something with Google Reader. You can also “Blog This Clip” which is like Google’s sharing. For example, has some random things I shared just for the sake of testing. The awesome thing about Bloglines is that it is server-based, so it roams wherever I go. Rah rah siss-boom-bloglines!

  2. Subscribed to your shared items, we’ll see how that goes.

    Kate — Bloglines has had that feature for a while — but I think Google did a better job of making it slick (the one-key sharing is nice) and better page design.

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