Vallywag on MySpace

Recently, a few articles hit the blogs fairly hard because they were from reputable newspapers and talked about the decline of MySpace. One was MySpace, ByeSpace at the Wall Street Journal, and the other was In Teens’ Web World, MySpace Is So Last Year at the Washington Post.

Valleywag did a great job of trashing both articles, since in both cases the articles are based around individual anecdotes with minimal facts or statistics: 20-Year-Old Cancels MySpace Account, Site Folds and The Washington Post is so last January.

There was a downturn which is apparently seasonal and common, but other than that the statistics aren’t very compelling. Valleywag’s summary “BREAKING NEWS! SEVERAL STUDENTS AT FALLS CHURCH HIGH SCHOOL AREN’T ON MYSPACE AS MUCH AS THEY USED TO BE!” is pretty much accurate.