NFL Playoff Predictions

For some reason I feel compelled to jot down my predictions for the NFL playoffs, even though I find football very hard to predict. Part of the reason is that the football playoffs are one-and-done, so all it takes is one bad game, or even one bad play, and a whole team’s season can be over. It’s awesome.

  • Colts beat the Chiefs (should be a close one)
  • Cowboys beat the Seahawks (sorry Seattle)
  • Patriots beat the Jets (of course)
  • Eagles beat the Giants (the Giants are playing like crap)

I’m only predicting for round 1 right now, because the logic gets too complicated for future rounds based on who wins here.

9 thoughts on “NFL Playoff Predictions

  1. What about Chicago and the Chargers? I think they’ll both be making it to the second round……bahahahahahahaha

  2. I’ll have some more hilarious predictions on Monday (such as who I think will win this weekend’s games).

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  4. this is what i think

    Patriots will upset the chargers
    ravens will CRUSH the colts

    Bears will beat the Seahawks
    Saints will beat the eagles in OT

    next round

    Patriots will barely pass the Ravens
    Bears will take the Saints down!

    in the super bowl da bears will come up with the victory

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