Football Predictions – Part 2

I did a mediocre job of predicting the outcome of this weekend’s games. I got 3 out of the 4 outcomes correct. The one I didn’t get right was the game I went to, and the Cowboys would have won that game if Romo hadn’t made a historic blunder. I had also expected the Chiefs-Colts game to be close, which it was for a little while (Chiefs forced 3 Peyton Manning interceptions) but the Chiefs offense was amazingly absent, and the final score reflected that.

Next weeks matchups are even harder to predict, so in the interest of embarrassing myself further, my predictions are:

  • Patriots upset the Chargers (I can’t bring myself to say anything different)
  • Ravens beat the Colts (this is the toughest one for me to call)
  • Bears beat the Seahawks (almost totally dependent on how Rex Grossman plays. They slaughtered the Seahawks during the year)
  • Saints beat the Eagles

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