No, they're saying "Boo"

I really wish I could have been at the Superbowl this weekend because I came up with a great idea for a sign. It would have said. “No Payton, they’re not saying ‘moooovers’, they’re saying boooo.” It would have been wordy and too obscure for non-football fans, but it would have been satisfying to me. Unlike the Superbowl.

It had an awesome start and looked like it was going to be an awesome game, and then fizzled out as time progressed. Yet again, the best football game of the playoffs was not the Superbowl. In hindsight the Colts-Patriots AFC Championship game was probably the best game. Last year I’d say it was the Steelers upset over the Colts. I guess you could argue 3 years ago, the Patriots-Eagles Superbowl was in fact the best game of the playoffs.

Oh well… congratulations to Peyton I guess.

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