Ignite was great again

I posted some photos of Ignite this time. I enjoyed it very much. I’d have to give the “best talk” award to Marcelo Calbucci who’s talk about getting error messages out of AJAX apps was both hilarious and informative. Hillel Cooperman’s talk (founder of tastingmenu.com) about How to Eat Out and Leo Dirac‘s talk about the future of humanity both deserve honorable mentions for being both funny and informative. Those were the three shining stars for me.

After having been to both Ignites, I’d offer the following suggestions to speakers:

  • Be funny. The funnier the better.
  • Keep in step with your slides. The 15 second thing is hard, but it’s intentional. Some speakers were too long-winded, missed slides, and didn’t seem to stick with the spirit of the presentations.
  • Don’t come across as a corporate shill. If you’re hiring, say it only once, preferably at the end of an otherwise informative and entertaining presentation.

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