I want a Thinkpad with OSX on it.

Can somebody make this happen?

A basic 15″ MacBook Pro has 2GB of RAM, a 120GB 5400 RPM hard drive, and an 2.33GHz Core 2 Duo for $2500.

You can get a T61 Thinkpad with 4GB of RAM, a 100GB 7200RPM hard drive, and a 2.2GHz Core 2 Duo for $2300. Plus it has a higher screen resolution, and (reportedly) much longer battery life.

The only bummer about the ThinkPad is the OS.

7 thoughts on “I want a Thinkpad with OSX on it.

  1. Why do you want to run OSX? I LOVE my Thinkpad. I just ordered the X60 Thinkpad Tablet for work and hopefully I’ll love that too.

  2. I run OSX at home, but I’m still primarily a Linux user. My main reasons for wanting OSX on my laptop:

    * A real command line with all of the Linux tools and commands
    * Some software that’s not available on Windows (Textmate) plus the ability to run the few Windows-specific apps I need (Internet Explorer, Quicken) via Parallels.
    * Decent support for wifi connectivity and power management (as opposed to Linux – Windows is fine in this area)
    * No requirement to have antivirus/antispiware/etc running on my computer taking up CPU at all times (as opposed to Windows – Linux is fine in this area).

    OSX isn’t that great, but it’s probably the best compromise of the things I want.

  3. OSX has viruses too. I didn’t realize it had unix commands – that’s a good reason. I used to run WinExodus or something like that so I could have Windows and Solaris for coding. I think I’d rather have Windows for everyday than OSX. Do you have any Windows boxes?

  4. OSX certainly has security vulnerabilities, but I don’t know of any live viruses. There was talk of a virus last year, which I think they found out was a trojan (it required user intervention and wasn’t self-propogating). Some people insist on saying Macs are “virus free” for this reason, while others say they’re “mostly virus free” because there is always the possibility that someone will create one (and the vulnerabilities are proof that it could happen).

    Fil runs his Windows machine without Antivirus software though, so maybe it’s not as risky these days as I remember.

    I have one Windows computer at work for Outlook, and that’s it. I also have an XP VM on my Mac to run Quicken and Internet Explorer.

  5. I have a ThinkPad x60s and a ThinkPad t60p. The T60p is a COLOSSUS … way too big and heavy for my tastes. I love the size of the x60 though.

    I do wonder if I should have gotten a Mac at times.

  6. wow, I didn’t realize how much you guys think about hardware, OS and software …. or rather how little thought I put into these things…

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